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Get Almost Free RDP Using Amzon AWS

Doing work online on Computer/PC  is the part of daily life not for all people as professionals. Sometimes Official and Sometimes Non-Official But the problem is you can’t access pc/computer everywhere or anytime. So I think this tutorial is the Solution of your problem. If you’re guessing it then Yes you guessed it right I’m talking about RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). If we talk about Amazon AWS then let me give some info about it. Amazon AWS is the subsidiary of Amazon Network which is a well known online shopping website all around the world. Amazon AWS provides all types of cloud computing solutions like Data Management, Virtual Private Servers Etc.  It provides free as well as paid plans also.  RDP or you can say VPS is one of them in their services.

Let’s get started and learn how to get it for almost free using Amazon AWS.

  1.  Go to Amazon Aws  (Click Here). Open AWS
  2.  Create a free account. Create AWS
  3. Fill-up your Contact Information. Contact Info - AWS
  4. Fill-up you Payment & PAN Information. Payment Info - AWS Note – While PAN is not mandatory* and there will be 2 Rs Charge for verifying your card. PAN info - AWS
  5. Now Verify your identity using the phone number. Phone -AWS
  6. Select Plan Basic (Free) Or You Can you use the Paid version. support plan - AWS
  7. Confirm it

    You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours but it usually takes 1-15 min. Once you get the Confirmation email from Amazon AWS. The service will be ready to use. Now you need to Setup Your RDP Account and I think it will be easy to setup. Still, everyone is not able to setup so let’s see how to setup the account.

  8. Now Sign in to your Amazon AWS Account (Click Here).Sign in - AWS
  9.  Once you signed in then go to Services menu and Go to EC2 under Compute Section. EC2 - AWS
  10. Click on the Launch Instance. Create Instance - AWS
  11. Now we need to Select the OS we want on our RDP so, I will select Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Base as an example. you can choose any of them and also paid OS. Choose OS - AWS
  12. Now its Configuration part so you can do it manually but there is nothing much to change. As result, I will go directly for Review and Launch review and launch - AWS
  13.  All set,  Launch the instance. launch - AWS
  14. But there it will ask for a key pair. So don’t be panic and Create a New Key Pair with a random or your name or whatever name you want.Create Key - AWS
  15. Most Importantly Download the key pair and Click on Launch Instance and go to View Instances. View Instance - AWS
  16. Now Click on Instance you Created and Click Connect. Connect - AWS
  17. A popup will appear and there you need to decrypt your password. Don’t think much you don’t need to do anything manually. Just Click on Get Password and upload the key you download in step 16 and Click on Decrypt Password.get password - AWSDecrypt Password - AWS
  18.  Now you got:- Public DNS (Host IP/Address), Username and Password. Got RDP - AWS
Done, you got the RDP but still if you don’t know how to connect to RDP then Click here and get to know. If you want a Free RDP just Subscribe us and Email us and get your RDP today. Offer Valid for first 10 people. please tell us on which you want the tutorial Apart from this if you have any query about this you can ask us on our social media or support anytime.

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